Proper Etiquette and Conduct in the Cathedral

Here are a few pointers about the best way to navigate the Cathedral and still be respectful of the services that are being conducted.

  • In trying to balance the solemnity of the service with the needs of the press, we ask that you follow instructions of the representatives of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.  
  • Photography is permitted inside the Cathedral during the service, though we ask that photographers do not stand in the space between the sanctuary and the congregation, and that they honor the privacy of individuals receiving the sacrament of Communion.  Also, please do NOT take photographs from the center aisle or block it in any way.
  • Please refrain from broadcasting from the lobby of the church during services because it can disturb the people in the Cathedral.
  • There are times when the choir loft will be closed to the press because of the musical needs of the service and the choir.  
  • If the choir loft is open, please be aware that the Telecare camera there is broadcasting live.  Please avoid that area and any movements that would impede their line of sight or shake the camera.
  • At all times we ask that you be mindful that the Cathedral is a House of Worship and ask that you always act in a respectful manner.